Somewhere In Paris

Allured by the seductive sounds from the strings of Joseph Boulogne’s violin

And the scent from the freshly painted golden ceiling whitened their smiles than the shirt on the valet

The man in his velvet tuxedo walked gallantly, she….elegantly

They sat at the middle of the hall

Her skin was as clear as the diamonds hanging from the chandelier

While her purple gown twinkled like the precious gem stone on her cleavage

She bask in his admiration

With hair like a Roman princess, the garcon was called to order

Champagne bottles kiss crystal glasses

She sipped the venom in her glass

He appraise her as she transforms

From something like the Duchess of Paris to a Queen

Avez-vous tomber du ciel parce que vous etes si belle

Merci beau’ she whispered with a smile

Se il vous plait joindre a moi pour une danse

Oui Je voudrais bien’ she whispered yet again, with a smile

They strolled to the dance floor

His left arm was around her waist

Her right to his shoulder

Chest to breast

They were ready

Instantly the music stopped

A DJ stood at the opposite end of the hall

Disco balls hang lose from the ceiling

The hall darkens with green and blue lights

And amidst the new occurrence

Shake it off by Taylor Swift was played

From nowhere her ribbon comes off

With all that she was wearing

To display her white and black boob-tube and hot-pant

While he turned into an 80s bad boy in all black

And those around them took their turns

Everyone danced into the night

Wild, Young and Free


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