If I was a child in Syria, all i would see in this present time is the destruction of my home, my land and my people; by men I have never seen before. I would be confused as to why this is happening. I would see the women defenceless just like me, crying and screaming for help just like me. I wouldn’t know happiness for a very long time and the evils I would see will definitely stay with me forever.

The men I know might be killed right in front of me and the women raped or killed right in front of me. This is what might have happened to my parents and family members. I would be terrified. If am lucky, I would be taken by my father or mother out of Syria to a place I know nothing about and knowing I would never see my home again.

I wouldn’t know the men who caused these atrocities or the men who sent them. I wouldn’t know much about  ISIS or Barack Obama or David Cameron or Vladimir Putin or Assad and the part they played in destroying my home and people. I wouldn’t know why they have decided to fight in Syria. On our way to find a new home, I would know what it means to starve, to be rejected and unwanted. Now my future would be uncertain.

(C) Olawale Okunrinboye



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