Black widow from the north

Majestic yet poisonous

Her legs go far and wide

Soaring high like a phoenix, she cried

Loud with the Royal Navy, stretched out as far as New Zealand

Matching on like the Roman army to defend all her territories

Elucidate the sweet aroma of her delicacy and watch the greatest of men lured in

Caesar, the Henrys and Hitler……..

Through her, they acquire their quest for power

Benevolent or Maleficent

Her wishes are elusive

Socrates, Aristotle and Plato alike

Napoleon, Vladimir and Mussolini show the might of her bite

Stings deep into the treasures of a foreign land

Slavery and Freedom are her left and right hands

O’ ye men, listen as I say onto you! Do not be deceived by her beauty

She is wise like a serpent, takes you in and gives you her identity

‘Eat the apple and rule the world with me’ she said

So I did

I fell, I fell at her feet

She took me in and made me KING……


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