Like day and night, we are different

A difference filled with such confusion

A confusion faced by a new born out of its mother’s womb

A womb that encompasses our worlds

We were a Yin-Yang

Polar opposite, head to tail

Like earth and water

Like the wind that blows a lonely fire

I swirl towards her and met her at the centre

It was on a solemn night that I heard a beautiful voice from a far

I approach stealthily with my lantern

I see the back of her

She was singing about the stars, Mercury, Venus and Acamar

I stretched out my index finger for a touch

The Shock

The Surprise

The disbelief

The Astonishment

To know that we both exist

I was overwhelmed to see her dive into the sea

She went deep

I waited for weeks to have another glimpse of the beautiful creation

But it was to no avail

Until the night of the full moon

I paddled my boat out to the sea

To see the unknown mystical being

Curious alike

We met at the line between water and wind

And reached out to one another

The legend is true

Caramel skin with green tail

Orange hair and blue eyes

Majestic and Magnificent

She rose and spoke to me

My name is Yemonja

I am the Queen of the Sea

What are you?

I’m Fredrick, a man from the Isle of Wight

And no man in my generation has seen what I have seen tonight

Give me that little fairy that shines bright

As a proof that you would return on another night

So she did

But she took her fairy and left without saying a word.

(c) Olawale Okunrinboye


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