Everyday Christmas

It is a time to love and celebrate those who are special in our lives. To be happy and be loved at the same time. To put a smile on everybody’s face just by saying ‘Merry Christmas’. There is much happiness in a community during Christmas. The giving of gifts, as the same is reciprocated brings joy to everyone’s heart. There is much peace all around during Christmas.

This should happen everyday. We should celebrate Christmas everyday, give gifts everyday, bring people joy and happiness everyday. There is so much sadness in the world presently. This is a result of poverty, illness, wars and other things plaguing the world.

If we could put this aside our problems like we do on Christmas and rather make someone happy then , we will bring togetherness. The systems of communication have been made to bring us all closer but yet we are s far apart.

Everyday Christmas,

Everyday Happiness,

Everyday Giving,

Everyday Peace,

Everyday Joy,

Everyone deserves to be loved and happy. We all need to show compassion towards every living being. With this the world would become a better place for everybody irrespective of Religion, Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation.

Christmas is for everyone and should be celebrated everyday.

Happy Christmas,

From Me to You.


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