To fall in love with your best friend (Part 1)

Dre knew this girl, Shelia during the early years of Facebook. Around 08′, him and his family moved to a new apartment in Hackney, London. His mother finally succumbed to pressures to get a home broadband. He didn’t hesitate to begin adding random girls on Facebook. That was all Facebook was about at the time.

Well so it was that Dre began to have new friends to talk to anytime but what Dre didn’t know was that one of those girls he  added that night the broadband began to function would eventually become his best friend . They would go on to have an impeccable bond as the years go by.

After about some months or so, Dre noticed that Shelia was having some feelings for him. She would laugh hysterically, call him late at night and assure him whenever he was down emotionally. She became his support system. Dre was also there whenever she needed him. Most of all, he made her laugh all the time even was he was tired.

The affection grew but while Shelia showed hers, he didn’t show his as much. This was because Dre didn’t want to hurt Shelia. He didn’t want a relationship at the time, there were plenty of fishes in the sea and where was Shelia going anyway?  After all, they  were best friends.



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