To Fall in Love with your Best Friend (Part 2)

At this point, Dre thought it would be better to treat Shelia with respect, admiration and love but not the kind of love he showered her with gifts or the kind you often expressed to a lover but the kind of love you have for someone like your sister, only that, there was a little sexual tension going on.

Dre didn’t want to break Shelia’s heart, he was young and wanted an adventure. He knew if he was in a relationship with her, he would eventually cheat on her at the time. There were few girls he admired as well at the time. Noticing Dre gradual change in behaviour, Shelia began to down her affection for Dre. She took on the best friend role amicably and would even try to hook Dre up with her friends. This process worked because they were not even ‘friends with benefit’ and because Shelia lived in Luton at the time, they couldn’t see eye to eye most times. This resulted in Dre direction is sexual advances to female friends in London. Although, Shelia was ready to come as often as wished, Dre didn’t request. He was having fun with the other girls who also took to his liking but none of them got the admiration and respect he gave to Shelia.

When the result to the GSCE A’ levels came out, they both got into their university of choice. They had both planned to go to the same university, but like most plans they make, Dre changed his mind and decided to go to another university. It didn’t matter anyway because Dre was taking a a year off to focus on his music. He was a talented rap artist who was just going to university because of his parents.

University would eventually bring a lot of experiences to the gentle Shelia. She had more friends who were just as important to her as Dre. Deep inside he wanted to be in  relationship, but by now, it was certain that Dre wasn’t going to be in one with her just yet but she still held it up within her that he would come around when he is more mature and ready to settle down. She often spoke greatly about Dre to her new friends at University. They were keen to meet him but Dre with his focus on music didn’t show any interest in coming to any of the Uni parties. Dre didn’t want to be friends with any of Shelia’s new friends because he thought they kind of ghetto. As a enlightened rapper that Dre saw himself to be, he was careful of who was around him. Shelia noticed his desire to success. She had known him to be very hardworking and passionate about his music. Two of the traits she admired in him. His gap year was to be a very productive one and Shelia was there to support him however way she could.

What Dre didn’t know was that Shelia was going on dates and making herself available to whoever could sweep her off herself. While he told her about the girls he hooked up with she kept all that away from him.


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