She is Nature

Sitting solemnly under the apple tree, wondering what beauty life has in store for me.

                           There, I swirled upward. Endless imagination, I saw it all.

She is whole, yet part of a whole.


Fingers stroll gently through the wheats planted on the hills

                          Hair rooted in her scalp

                                  I was drawn in by the scent of freshly lit Yankee candles


Never seen such a beauty before in my life

            Two mountains stand side by side

                                               They are touching the sky with the tip of their tongue


Dark clouds shield the sun like hair around a vagina

My eye marvelled at what he saw


My soul flows to the rippling of the stream at the centre of the valley

I came to see that all was beautiful


Sauntering, at peace with myself

I had begun to sink into the pool of love like quicksand.


There I was, still sitting under the apple tree.

This beauty was next to me

She was everything that I could see.


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