Since he slept late the night before, Tom switched off his alarm when it rang at 8am. It was 10am when he eyes open to the  sun rays penetrating through his dark red curtains. First things first, he had to check his diamond plated iPhone 6s. Twenty missed calls, fifteen new text messages, eight voice messages, forty messages on Facebook and almost fifty unanswered messages on whatsapp. He would only call back the very important people as the day unfolds. His mother, the very first important person. She probably needed his help for something not really important like maybe he should drive her to the supermarket or need assistant in filling a governmental application. Well, Tom would most likely schedule a time that suits him rather than her. He would then ring or reply to those people that are on the same wave length as him. Work colleagues, gym buddies and acquaintances who would offer him opportunities to make more money and girls who are on his hookup list. There are about twenty girls on this particular list. These are just girls Tom wants to sleep with minus the girls that want to have some kind of romantic relationship with him.

It would be around 11am that he finally gets out of bed. It is during Saturdays so there is little to worry about. It is the weekend to indulge. Seventy pushups to get his body warmed up for the intense gym session he is about to have soon. He walks into his brightly – coloured kitchen. There is something about red and yellow for Tom. They have been his favourite colour since childhood. His cabinet, sink, drawer and cooker are all painted red while his refrigerator, kettle, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine are yellow. After preparing his protein shake, he goes to his lounge where the furnitures are from Ikea and the gadgets Samsung made. Red leather sofas to seduce anyone who walks in as they are impressed by shinny black gadgets collection he has. Shelves filled with book he barely reads. Although, the one book he has completely is ‘The Wolf of Wall Streets’, he reads a few pages of autobiography from the likes of Barack Obama, Tony Blair and Alex Ferguson.

The time was 11:30 and just when Tom opened the window to let some fresh air in, the door bell rang. It must be his gym buddy ‘Nat’.

‘Hey man you ready’  Nat greeted

‘Yeah man’ Tom replied.

Since they lived close by at Angel in Islington, they rotate the drive down to the gym that is about 15 miles away. This gym has a lot of beautiful ladies registered and guess what they come on Saturdays. The sun is out so it is only right they go in Nat’s convertible Beamer.

‘Today’s party would be off the chain’ Nat started

‘Yo it sold out since two days ago bruh’  Tom replied ‘crazyyyy’

‘How much you making on this one?’ Nat asked

‘About 20k ish’

‘Say nuffin….that’s good still’

‘Yeah fam….one night’

‘I saw the list of the girls coming….i was like damn! they fine’

‘it is insane bruh!’ Tom exclaimed

‘You still chat with that Cherise girl?’

‘Nah man…she still tries to holla though’ Tom replied ‘she wants me to wife her up…..but i aint down for that shit you know’

‘ I know man’

They got to gym quicker than expected. It wasn’t too busy, just how Tom likes it. A particular girl which Tom was keen on seeing wasn’t there. She is usually there before Tom and Nat. She is a Recruitment Consultant like him and also a Sketch Artist in her spare time. A collage for his 9.9K Instagram followers. He also used the caption to advertise his upcoming party happening in the night.  It is well known that Tom throws one of the best party. This one is even more special because it is an All White Yacht Party.

He was having a laugh with his ‘call girls’, Jay, Rose and Linda- Call Girls are usually those young girls, usually in their early 20s, who are there in your house or place of enjoyment to assist you in all you need, they are a call a way, they are like a personal assistant even though they are attracted you and not paid, they know they most likely wouldn’t get none, so they result to helping you with anything you might need assistance with – when Lisa, the recruitment consultant walked in. Her smooth caramel skin caught Tom’s attention like an arrow to the heart. She walked straight to the Treadmills. Her skin-tight gym clothes elaborated her curves. She had the body Tom wanted in a woman and the brains to much too – he hoped. The Calls girls know Lisa might at some point be the Queen of Tom’s castle.  That wouldn’t stop him from having a side chick or two, the call girls know this but there was something different about Lisa, the one was enigmatic. She oozed out extreme yet subtle confidence. The type of confidence a lady who is contented and satisfied has.

Tom approached with a eager smile. He towered over her with his 6ft and 80kg frame

‘Hey Lisa’


She was happy to see him again ‘What’s up?’ she shook his hand

‘How everything with you?’

She exhaled, then forced a smile ‘Stressful but manageable you know’ Her tone was flat ‘What about you?’ She tried to up the tempo.

‘Good good, you know I’m having a yacht party tonight……you should come through’

‘ermmm, yeah sure why not’ Lisa replied

‘So text me your address so I would come pick you up’

‘Sure no problem love’

The time now is 3’o clock. The sun was blazing down on London. A quick stop to the docklands to make sure everything is in order. His assistant, Ruth is doing a fine job. She has been there since 8am. His call girls are going to assist her in getting everything else done.

The next four to five hours are going to be a busy one not for him but for his phone. Everyone would be boozing his three phones.  Nat and a few friends are having lunch and drinks at his place. The plan is that he has to go and pick Lisa at her place and drive to the docklands with her and her alone.

End of Part One



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