London Underground

Life is a journey. A journey that moves in different directions.

Everyone is running their own race; everyone is going to different destinations.

Everything is happening at the same time, we can’t see it all.

A bunch is going to the same place you just left off.

Everything is changing at a different time, we can’t know it all.

The reason you are leaving might be the same reason he or she is coming.

Opportunities you missed keep going to that one you discovered, we can’t find it all.

Life is a Journey.  A journey we start at different point.

Up, down, over and underground are the routes in life.

Change your reasoning like platforms

 Train the will that drives you

Life is a journey.  A journey that keeps on moving.

Quick, hop on the train, time is going.

Seated or standing, hanging or squashed by the door, we are all moving.

The present is now, however way, Will takes you to where you’re going.


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