How to be Kanye West

Firstly, you have to be a creative. You have to have a level of creativity that you think is astonishing.

You might be a makeup artist, tailor, writer, fashion designer, illustrator, photographer, game designer, graphic designer, painter, web developer, even a carpenter.… know what I’m talking about – and off course, you could be a rapper. Although, we already have one rap God, we could do with a few more.

We all know Kanye West could wake up one morning and say he is any of these creative professions even if he has no training or accreditation whatsoever.

Okay! so now to the selected few…….you have to feel like a GOD!!

Yes, an almighty GOD!


Wake up in the morning and say loudly ‘I am a God!’ and feel like one to!…It doesn’t matter if you disturb your neighbours! They are just humans after all

Don’t forget to try and walk on water


Remember you are a God. You can do it! Kanye West did it!

Now that you’ve got yourself mentally Godlike, it is only right you come up with a name, right?This must be the combination of your name and Jesus’ (as he is God’s son)

So like Kanye came up ‘Yeezus’ you have to come up with something!

I am ‘Olazus’

Anyway, moving on, the next thing you have to  do is, ‘GET THE WORD OUT’

You have to let the world know of your new Godlike status.


Be unapologetic, loud, rumbustious, petulant…….and most importantly be an arse about it.


Next, you need a woman, (depending on your sexual orientation)

An earthly queen or thereabout.

You shouldn’t care what her past might be or how many people she’s been with. If you want her, GO AND GET HER!

Just remember, to consolidate your status, it is advisable she has a large following. Most women who have a large following are in the line of creativity too (I hope I can be proved wrong) so get with one of those.

Gods need messengers, so what do you do?

Make a company and sign talented creative people to your company. Those are your messengers, you disciples so to speak. Remember Jesus had disciples that continued the gospel when he was lifted up to heaven……you get the idea!

You absolutely need disciples to continue the work when you diversify into other things. OR ELSE, PEOPLE FORGET YOU’RE A GOD!

Speaking of other things, with your God status, you would most likely diversify into other things like politics or sports or philanthropy……anything you ever wished for is possible when you are a God.

Ladies and Gentlemen, You now know what it is like to be Kanye West!

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