This guy, Drake is the hottest rapper right now


You don’t want to come close to this guy at all. What happened to Meek Mills who is better known as Weak Mills in recent history, shows the energy Drake is working with right now.

The Force is with Drake right now.


Everyone knows that!

To be like Drake is very accessible all over the world. If you started from the bottom, bottom being the slums of Somalia, India, Brazil, Nigeria  or any known slums in the world today. If you don’t give up on your dreams, you can also be like Drake.

You don’t have to be the best in your field, as long as the people love you for what you do, you would become unstoppable.

Even when you are looked in your present path to success, remember things can change and you could choose a new career and then everyone is loving you. As we know Drake started as an actor.

On your journey to more success,

They may call you soft


May say you aint man enough


Or you aint the creator of the content you put out


Throw all that away and focus on being great!

There are some bullies out there in the same profession as you that would wanna bring you down because they think you aint man enough to step to them. YOU STEP TO THEM!

See what Drake did to Weak Mills, I mean Meek Mills!

That’s how you treat every bully, every frienemy you realise you have. Diss them where it hurts.

There are a lot of loud mouthed Meek Mills out there who feed off their spouse’s achievements, remind them why they should stay quiet.

(Disclaimer – Although, it isn’t bad to be a twitterfinger but to over do it is abysmal, especially if you also a facebookfinger, instagramfinger……an even a pinterestfinger)

Moving on as we don’t have time for Weak Mills,


so now that you’ve dismantle and decapitated you frienemies,

You gotta rename where you came from with a number. I have tried to research the reason why Drake is fascinated with the figure ‘6’. He is from the ‘6’, He views the world from the ‘6’ and he is the ‘6’ god.

Ok, the is pretty scary!


I have checked the Toronto’s timezone but it wasn’t six, so I checked when Canada got Independence but it didn’t have any 6 in it.

So i asked myself ‘What is the 6?’

Then it hit me

‘6 is the number of the BEAST!’

6 as in, he is from the BEASTLAND

6 as in, he is on the BEASTLY THRONE

6 as in, he is a BEAST



That’s why he did Meek Mill’s career like that!

All these rappers have god complex!

That was my conclusion. So find the number that connects you to you godlike status….For me I would say ‘1’ 

I am from the ‘1’ and I view the world from the ‘1’ and I am the ‘1’ God!

1 because I want to be 1 with the universe AND I believe in 1 God……that’s a good one, isn’t it?


Another thing is, you gotta love strippers

STRIPPERS, STRIPPERS, STRIPPERS! Let that ring in your head as much as you do what you are good at.

BBW Strippers! That is,

You must love strippers. They should be virgins to you. Don’t bother having a wife!

And finally…..To be like Drake…..just be DOPE!! VERY DOPE


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Thank you. Hope I made you smile today.


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