The Voice

Early morning, sounds of a nightingale
The sparkling rays of the sun hits my face
All smiles, beautiful fairy tale
Another day, another maze
Life (sigh) ……..a never-ending race
I’m wealthy man ready to battle the challenges of today

Done with a gentle shower,
Skin smooth like an Italian leather
Suddenly, a voice sauntered into the room like a flying feather
Roaming, looking for a soul to acquire
Sounds of sorrow, songs of pain
Years lost, no gain
The wordings begins to drive me insane

Where is this voice coming from?
Sweet to the ear but bitter to the heart
Singing about how her life was torn apart
(sigh) There she was, by the stream
Feeling it with her tears
While washing the garments of her mistress

I listened to her as she sang about her life
How she was hated by her former boss’s wife
Kidnapped and raped,
Knows no love cos she is a slave
Abandoned like a grave

Moved by her experience
knowing i could make a change
I yelled ‘‘Drop what you are doing, your day has come and you will never be a slave again!’



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