Loving Lisa

Her eyes, the way she would look at me. She would squint those blue eyes. They are a mirror to her beautiful heart. It looks like a sparrow was flying under the deep blue sky. Was I been naughty? Erm…….. Yes, I was trying to put my hands in her pants. My back was against the wall, her breast on my chest and her booty was left for me to squeeze. I could feel her heart beating faster.

‘What are you doing?’ she would say softly as her fresh breath enters my nostrils

‘I……I am feeling on your booty’ I would reply in a deep yet warm tone

Then I would give her a spank which often comes with a cheeky smile.
‘Stoooop itttt’ she would say
She says it in this funny, yet sexy Irish accent.
Oh, her lips……tight and small, perfectly made weapons for sucking my dark nipples. With that, she smells like she soaks herself in a bath full of an Arabian ointment every day, so natural and so beautiful.

That was what caught my eyes when I met her, or should I say, brushed my nostrils when I first met her.
I have known her for six months now but I still don’t know the secret to the alluring smell that pulls me to her. Usually, when I’m locked tight in a hug with her, I would smell her right from her left cheek to the middle of her breast. I call them the twin towers, the Petronas of Kuala Lumpur. My god, she has firm breasts. I would then sniff them.
‘Stoooop itttt’


End of Part 1

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