MAMA EAGLE flies back to the nest with a hare.


Papa Eagle – Welcome back love, How was it?

Mama  Eagle – (a little tired) do I have to say?….This one gave me a little trouble

Papa Eagle – I told you…

Mama Eagle – Told me what?

Papa Eagle – …you have to fly through the trees to ambush hares. They are…

Mama Eagle – Exactly what I did

Baby Eagle – (ANXIOUS) I am hungry(cries)

Mama Eagle – Okay Okay baby…

Mama Eagle tears into the dead hare and begins to feed Baby Eagle

Mama Eagle – (To Papa Eagle) You know they are cutting down over there again!

Papa Eagle – Those silly humans! How many of them

Mama Eagles – They came with big machines this time around

Papa Eagle – (Concerned) Oaky…erm… let me fly and check it out

Mama Eagle – (frustrated) No No No…you have to help with baby! Im tired!

Papa Eagle – (Concerned) Baby! I have friends that live on those trees…

Mama Eagle – I flew pass the place….none of your friends live there…

Papa Eagle – I have got to go!



Mama Eagle – (Shouts) Hey! Come back here!


PAPA EAGLE is hanging on a branch with his friends (JACK, PETER and ROMEO) overlooking the forest


Papa Eagle – We have to call all Eagles meeting!

Jack – Winter is coming

Romeo – With the machines they have now (sigh) nothing can stop them…I say we go down there and attack them

Peter – Dumb ass, they are going to shot us down and eat us

Romeo – No they don’t eat us fool!

Papa Eagle – We should try and figure out how those machines works.

End of Part 1

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