That Moment

….tease me tease me; cause an erection

…..watching the TV but your sexiness is a distraction

…..The Knicks are playing against Miami; now paying no attention

…..Lips tempting; tongue full of sweet venom

Lick it lick it, slide up and down the pole

Looking down, I will need a whole lot of self-control

Like a lioness she sinks her claws into my chest

On my thighs, I feel her firm dark breast

Standing higher than the pyramid of Giza

Coochee wet, flowing like a river

Picture perfect in our naked attire

Pinned down, turned around, her ass is my desire

Eyes closed; sweat dripping, moans on high note like a choir

Feeling of love

We both wouldn’t let go

Wants it better than I want it, I give it to her like she wants it

In this hot pool of romance, I came, she saw, we both smiled

Satisfaction, rolls back into a cuddle

Tiptoeing her fingers around my muscle

‘Baby I will always be there to protect you’

Love you and care for you

We both slept off…………………………deeply!





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