The African Man


Our warrior?

Yes, he is a conqueror

Riding as a victor to war

His glory will never fade like the memories of the dinosaur

His strength, I adore

His love, I wish for

His pride, I ignore

For pride leads to a fall


My father?

Yes, he is my provider

The roof I live under

Working tirelessly, day and night

Sweat fall like raindrops from his body

Brought me upright, showed me the light

Carried me around like a little girl plays with her kite

His love for us is an endless journey

Although questioned by his love for vanity


His friend?

Yes, the world can’t comprehend

So we don’t want to see them unite

Entertained when they fight

Secretly laugh at their foolishness

Stealing from their greatness

Exposing their wickedness

Hoping they waste away

No love, No knowledge



Yes, he will bring change

Hope he takes us on the path to our destiny

Will he give us a new identity?

Show us the true meaning of freedom and equality?

Let’s wait and see



  1. I stopped reading after I saw “dinosaur” I don’t think Africans roots really believe in dinosaurs. You could replace it with something more African like elephant or… My opinion though


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