The Dab

There is a dance that has been sweeping through western civilisation for some time now. That means, the only people not doing this dance, are those people who live in Russia and maybe China. They don’t like the Americans over there I guess (The statement written to your left is, in fact a joke but with an element of truth). Other people from all over the world are doing this dance; Africans, Latinos, Arabs, Asians and off course Europeans. This dance is bringing everyone together!

The dance is a sign of the Youth Liberation Movement


(Disclaimer: this is not real organisation, but it is certainly real in young people’s minds)

The  Rise of the Dab

Unlike most dance steps, Dab came up during the Pot-Smoking Revolution that started in 2013 in America. If you don’t know by now, Dab is cannabis and its popularity came at a time when Marijuana aka Mary Jane, aka Loud aka Kush aka (I can go on and on) was legalised in different states in America. The help of Social Media platforms like Instagram and Twitter also propelled the spread of the Dab(the drug and the dance, that is)

There have been people who have said the Dance started from the South (ATL to be precise). How many dance step has ATL given us over the years?! These people would see the way you walk and make a dance out of it! 

I’m sure they might be making a dance called ‘the prison walk’. Can you imagine that?! If the prison cells in the US are overpopulated, a rapper needing the attention can make a weird song about this and ignite the ‘do the prison walk’ in a music video.

Anyway, back to ‘the dab’.  For you out there that don’t know what the dance is. I’m assuming you are of 50 years and over, it is simply, briefly resting your face on your elbow while the other hand is pointing in the opposite direction to your elbow.

 The dance has swept through the global youth culture and the older generation is getting a hang of it because athlete,

imgres-5.jpg   imgres-6.jpg


musicians and all forms of entertainers are dabbing whenever the spotlight is on them. And politicians don’t want to be left out.


It is a sign of respect to the Youth Liberation Movement (still not a real organisation as of this writing)

The Dab can be what you want it to be. It can  mean a message to the Young People all over the world, that you are part of the brotherhood. That you are one of them, and for them! You would be celebrated for this. You would also get a badge of honour from the Youth Movement Liberation (this is not a real organisation, but it is real in our minds). Your badge of honour is from the ‘Likes, Comment and Shares’ your video gets from social media! (don’t get the badge to seriously because you might need to update to the ‘prison walk’ soon but be pride of it for now).

The dance is now bigger than just being a dab smoker! it is now a movement, a online community spirit. YOU ARE NOT COOL UNTIL YOU DAB IN ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS!

It would be the right time for any presidential candidate to  throw that dab during a campaign or an election debate. I would trust the President Obama to dab it in if he was running. Maybe Donald Trump is thinking this -wouldn’t that make the headlines –  that would definitely give him a badge of honour from the Youth Movement Liberation. Would get him more ratings in the polls for just Dabbing.

Finally, the army don’t want to be left out! They gave the most patriotic dab you would ever see.


Look at that! Proud Dab right there.

(Somewhere writing this, I know there is a pastor dabbing in front of the congregation).

Thats my little unapproved dab article. Thank you!


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