An Eagle Family (Part 2)


PAPA EAGLE flies back home at night. Mama Eagle is still awake and Baby is sleeping

Mama Eagle – (whispers) shi shi….baby is sleeping

Papa Eagle – (whispers) oh okay okay

Mama Eagle – (whispers) so…

Papa Eagle – (whispers)ermm..we have to learn how the machine works

Mama Eagle -(whispers) People are going to die while you people are trying to learn how it works!

Papa Eagle -(whispers) It is the best way to fight back

Mama Eagle -(whispers) No it’s not!…

Papa Eagle – So what do you suggest?!

Mama Eagle – I fly around everyday and I can clearly see that the Eagle are not the only one that live here!….you eagles need to work with everyone that lives in this forest!…..that’s what you need to do!

Papa Eagle – we are eagles! we don’t work with other animals or birds…..we are eagle…

Mama Eagle – Then watch your world blow up if you don’t learn to work together

There is an explosion a far off


They End!

Check Part 1 here

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