Loving Lisa 3

She was professional about why we were sending each other direct messages. We were exchanging creative ideas but all through the time we chatted, I wanted to write ‘hey babe, send me a naked picture and I will send you a dick picture’ but I dared not. This wasn’t going the lustful, or so I thought. My dedication to my craft made her give me her number. We became friends. I can write, she can draw, that was a partnership made in heaven, so to speak.

Lisa is such an open lady, she told me about her past relationships and I came to a conclusion that none of her four ex’s were like me so I cut her off one night in the middle of one of her boring relationship stories.

‘What is your type?’ I asked curiously,
‘Erm…..I don’t really have a specific type……’
‘Damn right’, I thought to myself.
‘………but I like to be happy. I’m attracted to a man that can make me happy. Being creative is an added bonus’ she replied.
‘Interesting Lisa…….interesting.’

We planned to meet up on the 10th of December 2013. Lisa had shown me a glimpse of her sexiness on skype. All those teasing moments had made me long for her even more. Some nights she would get on her snow white dressing gown and say ‘I have no knickers on’ and I reply ‘What I would do to you if I can get my hands on you’.

Her kid went to his father’s place for two weeks and I just got paid two days before. So, 10 of December was the perfect day for the two of us to meet in Charing-Cross.
I waited for thirty minutes for the Queen of Kent to arrive from one of the doors of the south-western train. Hair straightened, lip-glossed and nails polished with a silky, free flowing gown.


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Part 2 – https://olawaleokunrinboye.com/2016/02/04/loving-lisa-2/

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