One Night Only

It was a beautiful evening just like every other evening during the season of the Fishermen in Ilu-Eko. The Sun was beginning to shut her eyes on the village, as the atmosphere within the village was mildly peaceful; the mothers were gossiping and laughing about their husbands and other relative matters, the fathers themselves after a hard day’s work in the farm or at sea were either resting or playing board games amongst each other. Showing off their big pot bellies, they laughed at each other’s attempts to fish at sea. We the youngsters were also having our own fun by building sand houses by the sea and playing Tinko-Tinko which the girls love so much. My elder sister and her friends had gone to fetch firewood for the night’s cooking. The sea of Yemoja (The sea goddess) was toying with us going back and forth as it finally destroys our sand buildings.

As we were trying to rebuild them, my friend Aki made a high-pitched sound that signifies danger, I lifted my eye and I saw six gigantic ducks swimming towards us. They were nothing like we have ever seen. They were very big! They were swimming from the left. This was danger! There was panic in the air as everyone scattered to shelter.

I ran home

‘mama….mama’ I yelled, ‘what is the matter?!’  She yelled back, trying to look for me as I ran towards her. ‘Look……Look’ I said, as I pulled her to the nearest window.  The Village bell rang Six times and that meant Unknown Enemy. Papa ran in like a man ready for war. The said gallantly ‘The gods have waged war against us!’

I looked through the window again and saw what looked like men on these gigantic ducks.

‘I didn’t even know they were angry at us’ mama asked papa as he grabbed his bow and arrows.

‘Where is Yela?’ I asked my nervous mother. ‘Ah Yela is outside o, I had told her not to go and fetch firewood today that I had enough firewood for the night’. She was far more worried now! She was agitated. Hands on the head as she walks up and down the lounge with her hand bowed to the ground, she was now fully distressed.

‘Stay here! I’m going to join the others!’ Papa said as he stormed out.

End of Part 1

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