One Night Only (Part 2)

‘Stay here!’ mama yelled at me, going the opposite direction to Papa as she goes out to look for Yela, my elder sister.

I remained by the window side scared of the evil that was about to be unleashed upon my beloved village. This gigantic ducks have now reached our river banks as the men of Ilu-Eko line up ready to fire their weapons. Then, the men I had seen in red coats and black hats emerged from this giant beings, that had eyes on them. One man stood by the edge, his skin was as white as cow milk and his hair looked like that of a lion. He must have come from the heavens I taught to myself or it must have being one of the gods visiting us for the first time.

‘This is Orisha!’ exclaimed, the god of the skies who is married to Yemoja, the sea goddess. Orisha smiled at the men of Ilu-Eko as they were being joined by the Soldiers of Ilu-Eko because the news have spread fast that the gods were at war with us.

Surprisingly, Orisha was not the only one in the things as thousands who looked just like him came out of the giant at the sound of his roar. They spoke a language we could not understand. But from their gestures, they were happy to see us. it was more like a practised routine, a performance with Orisha himself taking the lead role. It was as if Orisha and his men were making an introduction of who they really are because he pointed to the sky.

I decided to step out knowing there was no problem. I wanted to see these gods more closely. They brought us gifts. Things were had but are more refined. Shinning metals in form of swords and shields, golden idols like the goat head, mirrors, precious stones.

These gifts are fitting for the king himself, Oba Arowojola’ said the Commander of the Army, Adigun the Warrior.

Oba Arowojola had been ruling for thirty- six years and has won all battles against other villages who wanted direct link to the sea of Yemoja. The Sky people were taken through the village as Ilu-Eko people were touching and feeling these god-like men all the way to the palace. ‘The gods have visited us’ cried the town crier all through the way.

Night fell as the Oba welcomed the Sky People. A unique celebration was rendered to honour the people Yemoja had brought to us. Women danced to the beat of the Thunderbolt drummers around the fire followed by the masquerades of Shango who brought out fire from their mouth. Orisha and his men were totally amazed as they clap their hands together in appreciation.  We joined in the new way of showing appreciation. The Oba was proud of his people as he made a speech to welcome the Sky people, it wasn’t clear if they understood what he was saying but they cheered whenever we cheered the Oba. Yetunde had seen me from a distance, so she crawled to where I was. ‘Mama and Papa must not know that we are here’ she whispered. ‘Leave me alone’ I replied, trying to concentrate on what was going on. ‘I have being looking all over for you’ she interrogated.

The End

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