There was a very big tree in the middle of nowhere. It was the only the tree in the land and three different types of birds lived on it.  They couldn’t fly because birds that live in the middle of nowhere can’t fly. So this three different birds lived their entire lives on the big tree.

At the top, lived the blue birds, they could see far and see how big the world was.

At the middle part of the tree lived the green birds, that was where the best branches were but there weren’t able to see how big the world because of the surrounding mountains.

At the bottom of the tree lived the red birds. Here the branches were close to the ground so the red birds didn’t die whenever they fell off the branches. But the fruits weren’t as sweet as the ones that  hung on the middle and top branches.

Aneal, a red bird lived on the lowest branch on the tree with his best friend, Rahab.

While Aneal wished that there were many trees to climb in nowhere, Rahab wanted to make the red birds take over the top branches on the big tree for themselves. He disliked the blue birds because they lived on it.

‘I wish I could see the world from up there’ Aneal wondered

‘Then let us do sometime about it’  Rahab replied

They carried on talking into the night until suddenly, a bird fell to the ground.

‘Help me!’ cried the bird ‘Please someone help’

No red bird answered except Aneal.

‘Let’s help her guys’ Aneal requested

‘No we are not’ Rehab replied harshly

Aneal decided to help the injured bird alone. It was a blue lady bird.  He helped her up to his branch and took care of her.

The next morning while the sun shone bright, the other red birds were unhappy because Aneal had helped the blue lady bird survive.

‘Thank you for saving my life’ whispered the blue bird.

‘You welcome’ Aneal whispered back ‘What is your name?’

‘Phibian’ the blue bird replied

They got to know each other more during the day.

‘I didn’t know that you red birds are good people’ Phibian said

Rahab heard her and asked ‘What do they say about us up there?’

‘They say that the red birds are evil’

‘Evil?’ Rehab laughed ‘You see they don’t like us up there!’

‘Most of us don’t know anything about the red bird up there’ Phibian replied ‘but i want to spend the rest of my life with the man who saved my life’

Rahab was surprised that a blue bird would want to spend the rest of her life at the bottom of the tree. He began to like the blue birds after.  Whenever blue birds fell to the ground, he tried to save them.

This act of kindness made Phibian reveal a secret to Aneal. The secret was that the fruits that grow at the bottom of the big tree were powerful enough tho grow trees all over nowhere. No birds knew about this except a few blue birds and Phibian was one of them.

Aneal was surprised when he heard this. He realised the bitter fruits they had overlooked all their lives  could be used to create a beautiful place for everybody.

Before the next morning while everyone was asleep,  Aneal and Phibian planted the six fruits and magically those fruits grew into big trees.

By this, everyone was allowed to be wherever they wanted to be. 

Blue, Green and Red birds could now see the world from the top of the big trees.

Six years after that, Nowhere had become a beautiful forest.


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