The Eagle Family (Part 3)

The Next day came and this time,  Papa Eagle and his friends got see the men working early in the morning.

They stood on a slightly short tree that would to be cut down soon, like six trees away.

They watched as the men with their big machines break cut down the trees before them.

Papa Eagle and his friend saw A Mama Rabbit and her kids fall to the ground.

They died instantly from the impact!

Although the Mama Rabbit survived, she was later crushed by one of the heavy machines as it drove past

Papa Eagle felt bad. His stubborn heart was softened by what he had seen.

His friends experienced the same emotion. They screamed in misery but the men continued their work and ignored the sounds made by the eagle

Jack – (sad) Why do they do this to us?

Romeo – (sad) we left their big city for them and now they are doing this to us! We better just learn to fight these monsters!

Papa Eagle – (extremely emotional) Let’s learn to work with the other animals that leave here

Peter – We eat them how we going to work with them?!

Papa Eagle – If we try and eat something else, there are enough fishes in the sea for us

Jack – They are about to cut our trees

The Eagles flew away as they made loud distress calls.

The End

Part 2 –

Part 1 –


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