An Eagle Family (Part 4)

A meeting was called. Every eagle in the forest plain was represented by a family member. The meeting was held by the pond which would by tomorrow, be filled with fishes. This is where they usually have their meetings about important things like, weather changes and less amount of fishes swimming through the pond. The meeting was held by the Grand Lady. The oldest female- eagle in the plains. She had seen human come ever so often to take part their lands.

And now, the strategy of relocation has changed! now it was time to fight back however way possible.

Grand Lady – (Loud, courageous) we must fight back! we must protect all we have got!

Few Eagles – (Cheers)yes!!

As they continued to cheer, four Ospreys flew in and landing by the pond. They were walking towards the eagles.

They also fish in this water but had been non- communicational to the eagles for some years.

There have been a little rivalry going on between the birds. Each thinks it is superior to the other.

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