One cold night, an Eye was on a stroll by himself through a path. He doesn’t know how to get to the other side of town. Usually his friends;  a Nose, an Ear, a Tongue and a Skin accompany him on the same path but that’s during the day time on their way to school.

This same town seems far more different at night. His friends could feel it. They often spoke about what it is like to be out at night. Curiosity made Eye want to go out that night. He wanted to see everything there is to see.

The squeaky sounds made by night insects frightened Eye

‘Let me call Tongue’ he whispered.

Nervously looking around as he waited for Tongue to pick the phone

‘Hey You!’

‘Come outside’ Eye whispered

‘For what?’ Tongue was puzzled

‘Ah just come!’

‘…we aren’t meant to be outside at….’

‘But who said we have to follow the rules anyway?’ Eye snapped. ‘Come outside dude! just you’

Within minutes, Tongue heavy legs were heard making their way through the tall grass.

‘We shouldn’t be here’ Tongue mumbled, he looked up to the stars as if to see if they were watching.

Eye smirked.

‘Let us see why we shouldn’t be’ he replied as he turned around and strolled towards the cross road. Tongue followed suit. A little jog to get by Eye’s side.

They came to a crossroad.

‘What now?’ asked Tongue

‘We go left’ replied Eye with a straight-eyed conviction.

They had never walked through this route before. People at their young age of twelve are forbidden in the routes during the day talk less of right before midnight. As they road bends, they heard someone crying. He or she seemed to be walking towards them.

‘Hide…hide!’ Eye exclaimed as he pulled Tongue towards the tall grasses by the road side. It was an older Tongue that approached from the bender, about the age of nineteen. He was comforted by a Skin the

‘How can she say my mandingo is too small?!’ the lone Tongue wondered off dejected ‘I ain’t gonna get no bitches!’

Eye and Tongue didn’t understand what he was saying. He looked at it each other dumbfounded. They got up and began to walk towards the bend.

‘I have a bad feeling about this Eye…….please let’s just go back home’ Tongue was very nervous. ‘Let’s just go back home please’

‘If you want to go back home you should just go and leave me! I will find my way back’ Eye replied angrily

Tongue’s new found curiosity wouldn’t let him turn away to walk back home. He looked around considering if it was a good idea to proceed or return home. Just then, a car came speeding past, an Eye, Ear and two female Tongues were seated at the back. They were in a completely opposite mood to the crying lone Tongue. They were jubilant and ecstatic. They were heading to the same direction as Eye and Tongue.


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