THE SHY GUY (part 1)

Usually, his typical day was filled with family, work, work again and then Youtube. All what Adrian wanted to know, all he wanted to be was on Youtube. He lived with his Mother and older sister, Nya. Although she was just two years older, she was so dominant towards Adrian that he feared her excessively. Adrian’s new friends were shocked to find out she was just twenty-five. Rebecca, his mother was also shy and timid since his father left them seven years ago and she managed to drag Adrian and Nya into her sad, lonely world. 

Nya became aggressive and lost her friends in the process. She became the ruler of Adrian’s household. She made sure he was back home on time, cleaned the house and didn’t play his Youtube videos loud at all. Whenever Rebecca was crying, she was the mother- figure who yelled at her to stop crying and be an adult. She always empowered Rebecca to be strong and ruthless
Adrian was oblivious to everything that was happening around him. He was only conscious when at work or watching Youtube videos. Well, when he is eating he has to be conscious or else he might just miss his mouth.

Part 1 (B)

At work, Adrian was part of the warehouse team – just how he liked it. He would have probably shit himself if he had to face the customers everyday. He worked alongside three other guys who happen to be the complete opposite of him.
Joe, the clown amongst the three decided to talk to Adrian one Friday

‘Wagwan G! What you saying?!’

Joe shakes Adrian’s hand ‘……nothing, just here’

‘How you finding your first month here’


‘It’s shit innit’ ‘No….no I actually like it here’ Adrian replied with a smile on his face ‘The chicks here are nice innit’ Joe asked with his usual cheeky smile ‘YO! is that negro bothering you?!’

A deep voice shouted from across the warehouse. That’s Mike! His friends call him Biggie for obvious reasons. He is a big, fat bully. All that fat came in handy whenever the group got in a fight. Only last week, he knocked out a guy cold that was messing with their other friend Liam, the posh white kid.

He walked towards Joe and Adrian. ‘I know he talking shit’ he said to Arian as he smacked Joe in the back of his head. ‘Stop disturbing the gentleman, let him work man’ Mike said like he is trying to be in Adrian’s good books

‘Dickhead! I’m letting my man know about the party tonight!’

‘Sorry guys but i don’t go party’…I…..I Adrian replied in his timid voice

‘You should come’ Mike cut in ‘Nah! yo get his (to Joe) address we are coming to pick you up at 10pm’ 

Mike walks off to continue his work


One comment

  1. Hmm. Very nice setup. I can get a good feel for Adrian. With a family like that, no wonder he’s reserved. That would be a tough situation. Add to that a new work environment with strong personalities. Sounds like he’s going to get pressured down a road that may not be all that good for him. I’ve worked with people like his coworkers. Going along with the group can sometimes turn into trouble. I can’t wait to read what happens!


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