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2017 began with me booking a holiday trip. Indecisive of where to go, I finally got the courage to try and visit a place that had never sprung to mind, just because I thought it was out of my league. Everyone has heard wonderful things about Dubai. It could be from TV Documentaries, social media (which can’t be disregarded) or from word of mouth. Dubai seems to be everywhere one looks, luring you with her outstretched hands, painted in bright lights and pure gold.

Anyway, I was due to leave the UK at the end of March. I didn’t know what to expect, other than, getting as much sunshine as possible. I probably wouldn’t even want it as much as I was about to get it.

The flight was calm and smooth. I, a lone traveller happened to sit next to another lone traveller, Yasmin. It was her second trip to Dubai. She talked about the activities she did on her first trip and how she had tickets to do them again. Funnily enough, I  bought tickets for a few activities she was on and it happened to be from the same app. Isn’t that crazy?!

In this piece, I would be writing about the surreal nights I was fortunate enough to experience in Dubai as it happened. We approached Dubai at about 23:15pm. The plane was slowly descending. Yasmin sat next to the window. The Pilot’s announcement woke her up as I listened from my headphones. He said all he needed to say as I looked down upon the ‘ultimate holiday destination’. I knew I was going to have a splendid time.

I got to my hotel around 00:30am. As you can imagine, I was tired and hungry! so first things first, I needed food! Or else, this trip would begin with a tragedy. Me fainting, in need of medical attention, maybe a stay in hospital for a night – and for that reason, might have lost all the excitement I had within me.

Well thank God that didn’t happen, after a quick snack, it was straight to bed.

My first night comprised of a free show, everybody who goes to Dubai has to see again and again; and every night if possible. I met up with Yasmin at her hotel. It is about 15 minutes walk from mine. We hopped into a taxi and off we went to the Dubai Mall.

Photo 08-04-2017, 03 56 05 (1)

We were impressed by the sheer size of the mall. I mean, it is enormous but we were going to explore it after; on our way back to the hotels. We exited the mall on the other side and there we were! The pond, Burj Khalifa standing gallantly behind it and all the beautiful restaurants that give it that ‘Modern – Arabian’ appeal.

Photo 28-03-2017, 17 42 34

It was so crowded that I couldn’t imagine, this reoccurring phenomenon was free. They would make so much money if one had to buy tickets to watch it. We got a front-row seat (that’s against the railing by the way) as we waited patiently to be entertained.

‘And so it began, I saw Water dance eloquently, with her beautifully shaped hips and fine body! She moved to the sounds of the Arabian flute so gracefully, knowing when to pause and swing her hips again and again’.

Photo 28-03-2017, 20 30 47 (1)

I was in awe. The scenery was captivating! I had never seen anything like it before. I looked at Yasmin as-if-to-say ‘I can’t believe I just witnessed that!’. I remember watching videos of this spectacle and thinking ‘I wouldn’t be there anytime soon!’.

‘Wow! I’m actually seeing this live and direct!’ I said to Yasmin. She was speechless.

The time was 22:30. In Dubai – like every vibrate city, the night was still young. Yasmin and I decided to visit a bar just beside the pond for a few drinks. No, I didn’t get drunk. For one, because I needed to be awake around 03:30am and get ready to be picked up at 4:00am for an amazing activity I will write about in my next article.

Photo 09-04-2017, 18 53 14

The second night was to be even more eventful. I got back to my hotel at about noon,  after the early-morning activity . I took a two hour nap before Yasmin texted me that she wanted to come over and chill. We were by the pool chatting away, smoking and drinking. Then it was time for me to go for my boat cruise at The Dubai Marina. Yasmin wanted to come as well. So she did, since she could get a pass from the barcode off the holiday app she used to travel to Dubai, if the boat wasn’t fully booked. Gladly, it wasn’t.

‘Oh Dubai just keeps blowing me away’ Yasmin said. I began filming straight away. Oh God, the view! At that moment, I wanted greatness, I wanted to be successful. ‘I should wake up in this place’ I thought.

Photo 29-03-2017, 17 58 55

Photo 29-03-2017, 17 21 32

Onboard, we went, all romantic and that. My impromptu date with Yasmin was to be a success. Her smooth skin in that short cream dress and a light-blue jacket made her look radiant. All that was to happen now, was for me to bring out the ring and propose to her while the Arabian singer’s voice adds spice to what is about to be a tasty night. The cruise was about an hour and I couldn’t take enough pictures and videos.

Photo 29-03-2017, 21 38 08

It was truly a magical moment. We saw the Atlantis from a distance. ‘See you soon player’ I whispered. Yasmin had been here before so she wasn’t vigorously snapping away like I was. I guess she was wishing, and wishing that I could bend a knee and bring out that ring. Jokes aside though, she dazzled under the sparkling lights of those tall hotel apartments. Dinner was served. I had Rib Steak, french fries and salad with a glass of red wine to consummate an exquisite experience- Yasmin settled for just salad and wine.

Just as the soulful sounds of the Arabian woman faded away, out came a vibrant, energetic sound. A band appeared with their instruments and filled the boat with an excellent euphoria. ‘The spinning dancer’ moved swiftly to their sound and everybody cheered on. Five minutes went past and this dude was still spinning. So most cruisers must have thought ‘If he can do it, I can’ – because some of us took turns spinning in his regalia. No one could last that long and that thing was heavy.

Photo 10-04-2017, 00 41 16

The helmsman steered the boat back to its harbour and we got off. What a night to remember. A taxi took us back to our respective hotels.

You could be wondering, ‘Don’t tell me he didn’t hit a club in Dubai?’ Well, hold on now, you haven’t let me finish. Although, I didn’t plan to go to a club in Dubai, I had a change of mind because of ‘you know who!’ But anyway, yes we went to a club as it was Friday!…… ‘Why not?’- nothing extravagant, just a small venue. You see, in Dubai, there is so much show-of-wealth going on. So, if you are not mentally secure about your bank-account, your confidence would be severely tarnished!

The time was 21:45. Ready, suited and booted, I took a stroll to Yasmin’s hotel. It took her another hour to get ready as I had anticipated. The alcohol was beginning to kick-in. The right mood for a pre turn-up. We got dancing to rap music, then dance tunes, and then I played her some afrobeat sounds after which she played a few Indian sounds that I watched her bellydance to. We left her hotel full of laughter.

She, in an early drunk-state decided to make an economic request. Instead of going to one of the clubs along the Sheikh Zayed Rd as planned, she went to ask the receptionist if there was a club close by. As fate would have it, there was a club four buildings away.

‘Hey, that’s close enough right?’ she asked calmly,- as if to make it clear to me that she was composed- ‘time to get really wasted..’she added.

We walked into this club. I was surprised to hear an African music when I got in there. Yasmin and I were dancing to this song some minutes back. It was an African club. We walked to the bar to get drinks. JD and coke to start with, then we went on to have different cocktails. I lost count about 4 cocktails in. You know the excitement alcohol brings to the soul. I was happy that I came to Dubai. Hugs and lil pecks

The End




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