Dubai is known for its extravagance. All experiences are on a big scale. The importance of Crude Oil, the major export from the UAE has transformed this infertile land into an oasis beaming with opportunities and excitements. There has been an overwhelming increase of people moving to Dubai. Exotic land animals from around the world haven’t been left out and off course, the sea life too.

This is going to be my last blog about my holiday in Dubai. And what better to write about than my visit to the Underwater zoo and the Palm Atlantis Aquarium in Dubai. I wanted to see if this city could tick all my boxes – let’s see.

I had seen pictures of the Underwater zoo and I knew it would easily surpass any zoo or Aquarium that I have seen. Although, I need to see more Aquariums when I travel the world, so that I can appropriately rank Dubai’s Underwater zoo.

Anyway, the time was 9:30am and I was ready to go. My new travel buddy; Yasmin was ready too – you can read about how we met in my first Dubai blog. We decided to take the train.

‘Stop being lazy and let’s get some sun’ she said.

Not that I was lazy but I’m just not a big fan of anything above 26 degrees. She just wanted a tan anyway. I wasn’t the one by the pool at every opportunity to lay in the sun. We got on the train. It was packed! Life begins at 10am in Dubai at least for the labour workers.

We got to the Dubai Mall just after 10. We got a ticket to do three different activities. As we walked past the entrance we stumbled upon an underwater tunnel.

‘This will be fun!’ I said to Yasmin

‘Take a picture, take a picture!’ She said excitingly, almost as if her crush had asked her out on a date – she wanted a picture of her under the tunnel. It is the kind of blue that makes a day beautiful – like waking up in a beach house and the calm ocean is right there in front of your balcony. The kind of blue that would entice you to make love all day. A Sting Ray effortlessly swam past.

Photo 18-05-2017, 00 21 17

It was captivating to see various types of fish swim peacefully with each other – like those in the mediterranean sea. I can’t name all the fishes we saw but there was quite a few, even sharks.  And, that was when I knew these ‘Dubaians’ ain’t playing around. They are really stunting on the world for real!

Photo 28-03-2017, 07 30 40

I guess every morning, the tank is brushed up because Yasmin pointed out to me that two divers were cleaning the rocks at the bottom. They waved and signalled to us and those present – they must love what they do. It must take a lot of work to keep this tank functional. Looking after the tank and making sure every single fish is in good health. I had a fish tank, about four years ago and I know the responsibility it came with.

Photo 20-05-2017, 12 51 42

Anyway, we stayed there close to twenty minutes, savouring every spec of beauty. I started to make plans of being a Tourism Minister in Nigeria – I’m from Nigeria by the way but based in the UK. Ideas were beginning to flow in my head on how to bring this kind of thing to Nigeria.

After taking it all in, we went up to the zoo. We saw fishes of every colour. You would have to pardon me because I can’t remember their names but we saw a lot.

Just a few pictures I could gather from my Iphone. One thing I do remember though is that when we were upstairs in the nocturnal section, my phone fell down on the walking bridge we were on. We didn’t see it because it is very dark in there and I think we must have missed the sign on the wall if there was one, but it would have been a tragedy if my phone had fallen into the Penguins’ pond below us. I would have just gone back to my hotel and slept until it was time to go back to the UK.

Well, thank goodness, that didn’t happen so we continued looking. Henceforth, we began to disturb the creatures we saw. I remember saying to three owls that were sleeping to ‘wake their asses up!’ I screamed at them because if I had damaged my phone, I wouldn’t have been able to catch any of the amazing time I was fortunate to experience. They opened their eyes but couldn’t entertain me. They all looked bored in that part of the zoo so yeah, we moved on.

Then it was time for us to feed the fishes from a little boat that floated on the tank above the tunnel. The boat had a transparent deck so we could see  schools of fish, a number of sting rays and a few sharks swim beneath us.

Photo 26-05-2017, 18 45 51

It was warming to my senses, somewhat therapeutic in a way.  This was when I discovered we were on top of the walk-way from earlier. Also, we managed to see one of the divers wiggle out of the pool. It was over within ten minutes – but we left wishing we could go round ten times at least.

We finished quickly because the Zoo wasn’t packed, we had got there when it opened. So now time for the Palms Atlantis, but first, we had to eat something. We were buzzing with excitement, so we finished our food in no time. It was now about 1pm, and the heat was no joke. The ‘I need to drink something after every two steps in the sun type of heat’, above 35 degrees for sure.

Photo 28-05-2017, 04 01 36.jpg

‘Behold…..the Queen of the Persian Gulf’

‘Her beauty is known at every corner of the earth’

‘The epitome of elegance and grace’

Yes, Burj Khalifa is the King and the Palms is the Queen. We were dropped off right in front of it. The Persian Gulf to the north and Dubai to the south.

Photo 30-03-2017, 12 11 18

The Palms is a complex where one could do many fun activities – and lose all your money. And, if I did anything else apart from visiting the Aquarium in there, I might have come back to the UK working thrice as hard. It isn’t cheap to be there – I will say that much.

We paid to go into the Lost Chamber. It has an archeological feel to it -as the name suggests. The Aquarium is one gargantuan fish tank in the middle of it all. Then I remembered those adverts that I saw about the Palms – you know, those rooms with the Aquatic view. My Lawd! So magnificent.

‘I need to be rich’ I said to Yasmin ‘no seriously, I need to be’

Just then we walked into a graceful, elegant moment.

Photo 30-03-2017, 11 54 09 (1)

What can I say?…..A moment to remember for life because it definitely wouldn’t have come cheap. And with this experience, we decided it was time to go back to our hotels. It was truly memorable and the heat was becoming unbearable at 3pm.

I will certainly go to Dubai, again and again – We barely scratched the surface. Thanks for reading. You can check my previous blogs here:

My next travel blog will be about my short stay in Amsterdam. So be sure to check back again.




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