Date Night

Puzzled as he stood thereA slight twitch to look gallant 

Then yet again to look gentle 

Followed by a light smoothing of his jacket *

He knocked……and again

To his ears, he heard the stomp of an army general *

She opened

…..with a smile the length of River Nile

And his face that was dried up by fear was brought to Life


‘I will get my bag and we can head off’ she said softly

Like a magician, a bunch of roses appeared in his hand

She took a moment to bask in his admiration *

Under the dazzling lights in Shoreditch 

Their uber cruised, like knife through butter

They spoke the silent language of Love

Gentle touches, smiles and squinted eyes as if to look at each other’s soul


Dinner high in Shard and the City beneath 

Little stars twinkle under their feet


As the night passed by

And the sounds of Jazz music tried to slow it down 

They spoke of what would be or might be

‘That as summer approaches, it would be a perfect time to fall in Love’


The date ended how it began

To his ears, a melody faded softly








  1. Really awesome, I will add some of things 😛

    Plan something unexpected for your next date—we’re betting your partner will certainly appreciate the effort. MORE: These Celebrity Date Night Outfits Are Predictably Extra. Plan a picnic. Go birdwatching. Take a brewery tour. Take a workout class. Troll for photobooths. Take a boxing class together.


  2. Tips for dates idea,

    Play in the snow, fabricate a snow man, at that point drink cocoa

    Go to a group play, a dress practice, secondary school or school play

    Complete an inside or outside cookout

    Work out together

    It’s amusing to quietly play with each other at the rec center on the grounds that the other rec center benefactors don’t really know you’re as one.


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