Mediterranean Scenery 

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A friend of mine told me about this country called Croatia.

He was like ‘Man! Croatia is the party destination bro! All these yacht parties be going on there! We can rent a yacht and party like crazy bro!’

I instantly got curious!

Before then, the only thing I knew about Croatia was that it has an OK national football team. So I did a thorough research on Croatia to see if it would satisfy my urge for the Mediterranean coastline. I was impressed by the videos I watched on YouTube. They had me wishing I was one of those people.

Fast forward a month later, my friend had backed down from was to be the ultimate summer experience. I wasn’t going down that route – hell no, I was in too deep now.

So I hit up one of my friends that I know also loves the Mediterranean coastline. You know those people that only travel to Spain and Portugal. I did a little introduction, sold the dream and as fate would have it – it was bought instantly! Thank goodness.

On a beautiful sunny day in July, we landed in Dubrovnik. We got the ball rolling straight away like we’ve been there a couple of days already. The view from our apartment was almost as satisfying as an erotic pleasure – very satisfying indeed. I mean, this is a view I have never experienced in my life so you should understand where I’m coming from. We got that millionaire dollar view for less than a thousand pounds!


Photo 14-07-2017, 03 43 07
Look at that cheese cake!


We had to catch a boat cruise in two hours for the small Dubrovnik Islands. A quick freshen up before we wore our summer attire so that our Mediterranean vibe can begin in full effect. By the view that my eyes could see and the sun my body could feel, nothing else mattered than to make sure I had a good time there.

Let me just say before I proceed, that I climbed more stairs in Dubrovnik in four days than I have done my entire life. And because our apartment was up on the hill, getting there from the harbour below was a nightmare. Moving on. We got on the boat, cruising steadily between the hills of the city that looked somewhat like a woman laying face-down.

Photo 14-07-2017, 12 25 36

The first island was called Lokrum island. All the Islands we came across were surrounded by clear waters but Lokrum was the first one that took our breaths away. The beach was clean and the water was so clear, that one could see the rocks beneath. We walked along the beach to get a panoramic view of the green islands in front of us and the walls behind us that were painted with bright coloured flowers. My friend kept on disturbing me to take pictures of her. Henceforth, she was only entitled to three pictures and a video from me!

We relaxed on Lokrum for close to three hours as we saw people from different countries having a good time.

Photo 30-06-2017, 09 56 57

Photo 30-06-2017, 10 28 11

At about four o’clock we hopped on another boat to Lopud. It was thirty-six degrees now – yes very hot, so if you want the hot sun and the calming breeze of the Mediterranean, get on a boat in Croatia. When we got to Lopud, it was as if I just had a massage. I was so relaxed!


On the boat, we made new friends, a mother, her son and two couples. The couples were from England while the mother and her teenage son were from Norway. We spoke and got to know each other.

Lopud is out of this world, literally because I had no phone connection the entire time we were there and if anything horrific was to happen on that island – well, your survival is in your own hands. It was the furthest from Dubrovnik and had the noisiest birds – I loved it though. We had lunch here. Then after a few chit-chats and wining, we left for the third and final island. The mood right about now was pleasing……everyone vibing, taking it all in.


Photo 30-06-2017, 14 43 04
Chilling after a delicious meal that actually tasted nice – can’t go wrong with Chicken, Chips, and Salad


It was now about twenty degrees at six o’clock and the sea was busier as we cruised to the third island – I need to learn how to jet ski. Kolocep was the party island amongst the three. People were catching a party vibe. The food we had in Lokum weighed us down so just a few more beers did it for me. Beautiful island music playing in the background, beautiful people jamming and beautiful scenery, what more could we ask for? It was a perfect start to our holiday and I couldn’t wait for the next few days.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. More to come.

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  1. Your face looks innocent, so you are the party type. That’s cool. Don”t fall in love with Croatia girls. Enjoy your stay!


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