Views from up above

Photo 29-06-2017, 16 47 36 (1)

The Old City is the prime location in Dubrovnik. Its history, fortification and beauty are what attracts people to Dubrovnik. The appearance of what was once a powerful, rich city. No one had to tell me that the ancient people of Dubrovnik were rich off producing something. The gigantic walls that surround the old city, shows there were some valuables to protect in their prime years. It came to my attention that they were experts in shipbuilding, back in the day – 14th century period.

Dubrovnik’s location, I learnt was important to neighbouring powerful cities who sort to control it so as to have an advantage over their rivals.

‘Pearl of the Adriatic Sea’

With no army of its own, they used to align themselves with the most powerful city. Known for their diplomatic ties rather than their strength, they were able to survive during the dark times of the Middle Ages.

‘Pearl of the Adriatic Sea’

We left for the Old City at mid day. The ride was about ten minutes drive from our apartment. We had to use uber on a number of occasions because it was so hot there!

As we were driven, I noticed the cable car

‘You can stop right here’ I said to the cab man

We got off and joined the long queue. It is expensive for what is a total of an eight minute round trip but it was worth it I would say. Although, my friend thought it was unnecessary! I would rather it to walking up and down any hill in Dubrovnik.

Look at Dubrovnik in all her glory. I am lucky to have come across this little gem in the Mediterranean. After a few pictures and a few drinks at the bar up the hill, we rode back down.

More stairs

Photo 17-07-2017, 12 15 04

And a lot more stairs

Photo 17-07-2017, 12 14 55

So get your exercise on before going there, or else Dubrovnik would get you fit regardless.

We needed to do some food shopping because we stayed in an apartment. It was easy to find a supermarket that sold all we wanted and Croatian money is cheap – so it was all good, what wasn’t good though were those steps! – too many. We thought it couldn’t be that bad, so why not give it a try?! – That was a very bad idea.

Gard damn! That was stressful.

Take into consideration that, it was just over thirty – six degrees at this time and the distance from the harbour below to our apartment was close to four kilometres roughly. By the time we got to our apartment, we had a shower because we were sweating profusely, then a two-hour sleep to regain consciousness. It was an experience I never wanted again. Uber was there to help us to get from point A to point B, C, D, E and back to A again.

As the sun gradually set upon the hills of Dubrovnik we made food to last the next two days. The scenery was mind blowing. I was experiencing what people wish they could be a part of. My Snapchat and Instagram videos got people’s attention, and I loved it

Photo 17-07-2017, 14 37 44


Later that evening we went on a stroll – took an Uber to the seaside first. We met up with our tourist friends from the previous day and had a session next to the river. The mother and son duo invited us to visit Norway if we could in the near future. Well, I now have a plug in Norway in case I want to visit. A few more people joined the session and we became a group of ten tourists just having a blissful time.

Photo 17-07-2017, 16 26 52

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  1. Good to be here. You got me reading your articles line by line. So great! It’s not an easy task travelling around and coming out with great article like this. I must commend you for this! The part that “Dubrovnik would get you fit regardless” got me laughing. Nice one writer!


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