Kayaking and Snorkelling 

Photo 22-07-2017, 22 38 39

Our third day felt like we have been in Dubrovnik for a week. The vibe was so good, only a ‘dinner in the sky’ or a multi-millionaire yacht party could beat what we had going on. I mean, we fitted in perfectly. And we couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay. Our host made sure we were having a good time. Whenever we were in the kitchen – just chilling, they came with cups of white wine to rub-shoulders with us! Surely, we indulged.

The day’s meeting place was the Hilton Imperial Hotel. We informed our tourist friends a day before about kayaking and snorkelling. Activities, I hadn’t done before but my friend and I sold it to them like we knew what to expect. They agreed, of course. I was becoming the man with all the fun activities. I suspected it wouldn’t be easy however, I would try most things once, so yeah – and we were surrounded by water,  it was only right we experimented on some water activities rather than just walking around and taking pictures – they gladly obliged!

We got there right on time. Some tourists from Belgium and Germany were in our group as well. A little introduction, paddle technique and safety procedure was rendered and off we paddled.

‘Just like that’ my friend looked at me like I was meant to give a further explanation.

I didn’t pay attention either, I was on my phone but my reply was ‘Yes, come on it’s easy’.

No, it wasn’t. It was very hard at first, I mean up to the first twenty-five minutes.  When we began, we crashed straight into a rock. Everyone else was gone, then one of the guides had to help us out. We were the last to reach the first stop. One of the guides followed behind us to talk us through it but he was only talking while I was thinking ‘Why did I choose to do this?

‘Oh, my God! This shit is hard’ my friend lamented on numerous occasions ‘ I thought one of them would kayak with us’ she added once.

I was stressed out too because, by the time I got the hang of it, she was still lost. So I happened to use some of my strength to shout instructions at her.

‘Paddle right! ………Left left!! ……..Right……. Ok now, straight on’

She was doing okay after our first stop.

It was a tour of the coastline so we got a lot of history explained to us – the reasons why so and so castles were built, but honestly I don’t think anyone in our group really paid attention, we were barely surviving.

It was gruesome but we were conquering the sea on an empty stomach. I thought we would kayak for just a few minutes then spend more time snorkelling in order to see a few sea creatures but no, it was the other way around.

It occurred to me at one point that I have never been this far offshore with just a small piece of plastic between the sea and I. And surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous. The sea was calm that day – gentle ripples here and there, but nothing big to scare us. By the time we got to the second stop, I had become a ‘professional kayaker’ even though my arms were aching a little, nevertheless, I told my friend ‘we’re not going back now! We’re in this till the end’.

We came across a cave – for a minute, it looked like a scene in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The birds were agitated by our presence, screeching as we paddled inside. Phones and cameras popped out from their hiding places. Everybody putting in that social media work! It was breathtaking. I came to life when we got to that cave and those weary arms of mine held my phone tightly.

Photo 22-07-2017, 22 39 16

Anyway, after about thirty minutes we got paddling again, off to the snorkelling beach, however, at the time we didn’t know how far it was, only that, we were comfortable with the sea. We had rhythm.

Left, Left….Right, Right

All of a sudden,  we came across naked people on a small island! All of them were naked!

‘Wait – what? What do we have going on here?’ My friend asked astonishingly.

‘Even the nudists are familiar with this country’ I replied, I was surprised myself!

‘I know you wanna see me naked naked naked’ she sang that line off the new Rihanna song.

We couldn’t stop laughing.

It was straight on to the Snorkelling beach. A few five-star hotels were built along these shores. When I go back to Dubrovnik, I’d stay in one of those hotels, I certainly think I’m an experienced traveller now so it shouldn’t be difficult nicking a deal.

Anyway, we got to the beach, had a sandwich to refill because mehn, we were all exhausted! So, we were given the snorkels and that was it…….and I am like, ‘What?!’ They didn’t even try to direct us or warn about snorkelling in the sea.

At the end of the day, I just wanted videos and pictures of me snorkelling in the sea. I had a few lessons so I knew what to expect. Although, I wasn’t prepared for how salty the sea is. It was extremely salty. And where are the sea creatures, man?! Maybe we had to swim out further from the beach. We weren’t going to do that, neither was our tourist friends – yeah this sea was calm but not so still, I couldn’t even stand for three seconds. Wheesh, the waves in came shoving every movable obstacle in their path.

My friend is an amateur swimmer and I’m a beginner so she could jump from the cliff – a perfect video for her Instagram, and more pictures  to remember what good times we had.

Well, it was time to get back into our kayaks and leave. The last hurdle was two kilometres of sea. We got back to the starting point, happy that we did it, finished it and hoped to do it again in the future.

Photo 22-07-2017, 22 50 17

Thanks for taking the time to read by blog. You can also check out my previous posts about my stay in Dubrovnik here






  1. What an atmosphere there! I was searching for you all through the video only to see you on the third one. Are you water-phobia? Anyway, you ought to close your eyes on spotting the nudists. #smiles


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