The Iron Throne

He came from a powerful city in the North. The pearl in the Adriatic Sea was admired by many Kings so he aimed to conquer it by himself, with a thousand men that couldn’t be seen, on a flying ship – the first of its kind, he broke the fortified walls of the Old city like they were made of beach sand. The unprepared Lannister army scrambled to defend the city because he attacked like an owl in the night. His invisible army rained down fire on all who was outside, on the streets. And Cersei seeing that her day had come, ran to her chamber and drank from one of her poison jars. He was proclaimed King by the people and his invisible army were seen for the first time, for they were giants whose heights were four times that of an average man.

‘I have come from far to take this city and sit on the Iron Throne’ said the new King.

Photo 01-07-2017, 10 34 10 (1)

That was the scene in my head, me as King, Jon Snow as the Warden of the North and I would have Sansa as my Queen. If you are reading this, I hope you are a little familiar with Game of Thrones like I am. The seventh season is currently on, so it is a long way to catch up, however, if you are hooked from the get-go then you would certainly catch up in no time.

Our flight to Rome was later in the evening and me being a big Game of Thrones – how can I come to Dubrovnik and not sit on the Iron Throne? so I booked a two-hour tour to experience Game of Thrones in flesh. Dubrovnik was used for King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros.

Although, I was a little disappointed when the tour guide, Rachael told us that King’s Landing’s iconic buildings were CGI! – ‘Come now?’ By the time we finished the tour, I wondered if Dubrovnik was the most important location used for Game of Thrones – I mean, where is the throne room? I want to see it! Maybe, I should have gone to Morocco, Northern Ireland or even Iceland. In my opinion, the only substantial scene that occurred in Dubrovnik was Cersei’s walk of shame – that was it for me’

And the garden used for Joffrey’s wedding. As far as I’m concerned, the rest of the locations could be used for anything, they were insignificant to me.

Although, the Mud Gate was noteworthy, you know, where the people began to speak out against Joffrey and I think a riot broke out but argueably, these scenes could have been shot in any castle in Europe.

This is the Blackwater Bay

I got tired of hearing CGI, CGI, CGI! – ‘Gard darm, is anything real over here?!’



Blackwater Bay




Now that I have spoken to a friend who also had a  tour, I learnt that my tour guide didn’t walk us to all the locations in Dubrovnik. I felt discouraged to write about this tour but I thought, I would just write it as it was.

So there you have it, my good but not so good Game of Thrones Film Location but it was still cool to have seen where some of the scenes were filmed.

The is the end of my travel series on Dubrovnik. You can check my previous blogs here:






  1. Amazing! I have never watch a single episode of “Game of throne”. But with your post, you got me changing my mind. I will load my iTunes and start watching. The location is good anyway and it’s a perfect match for that kinda movie. Hope you enjoy your stay there.


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